-Immerse yourself in a dystopian London with PS5 Watch Dogs Legion.

-Join the resistance and hack your way through a futuristic surveillance state.

-Play as anyone in the city and recruit a team of diverse hackers. Unleash your skills, infiltrate secure facilities, and expose corruption.

-Experience stunning graphics and a gripping storyline.

-Embrace the power of the people and liberate London in PS5 Watch Dogs Legion.

-It’s time to take back control!


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Immerse yourself in a futuristic world of hacking and resistance with PS5 Watch Dogs Legion. Join DedSec, a group of hackers fighting against an oppressive regime. Explore a stunning and open-world London, and recruit and play as anyone you meet, each with unique abilities and skills. Hack into the city’s infrastructure, solve mysteries, and expose corruption. Embrace the power of technology and become a digital hero in PS5 Watch Dogs Legion. It’s time to liberate London and ignite a revolution!

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