-Experience precision and stealth with PS5 Sniper Contracts 2.

-Immerse yourself in stunning environments and engage in long-range sniping missions.

-Take on high-profile targets across the world, each with unique challenges.

-Utilize advanced weaponry and gadgets to plan your perfect shots.

-Embrace the role of a professional sniper and complete contracts with deadly accuracy.

-It’s time to take aim and eliminate your targets in PS5 Sniper Contracts 2.

-Get ready for high-stakes action!


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Take aim and fulfill contracts with precision in PS5 Sniper Contracts 2. Immerse yourself in a gripping sniping experience, tackling challenging missions and eliminating targets from a distance. Master the art of long-range shooting and explore diverse environments. Enjoy stunning visuals and tactical gameplay on the PlayStation 5. It’s time to become the ultimate sniper and execute your targets flawlessly in PS5 Sniper Contracts 2.

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