-Prepare for outrageous action with PS5 Saints Row.

-Immerse yourself in an open-world mayhem, filled with over-the-top characters and hilarious antics.

-Take on rival gangs, wreak havoc, and conquer the city.

-Customize your character, wield crazy weapons, and unleash chaos.

-Embrace the madness and become the ultimate badass in PS5 Saints Row.

-It’s time to rule the streets and take the city by storm.


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Immerse yourself in a wild and action-packed open world with PS5 Saints Row. Join the Third Street Saints, a gang trying to take over the city of Santo Ileso. Experience over-the-top gameplay, humorous storytelling, and intense combat. Customize your character, create chaos, and build your criminal empire. Embrace the absurdity and become the kingpin in PS5 Saints Row. It’s time to rule the streets and show everyone who’s boss.

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