-Embark on an exhilarating journey with PS5 Outriders.

-Immerse yourself in a dark and dangerous world filled with unknown powers and ferocious enemies.

-Engage in intense gunplay, tactical combat, and cooperative gameplay.

-Choose from unique classes and unleash devastating abilities.

-Embrace the unknown and become an Outrider in PS5 Outriders.

-It’s time to conquer the hostile planet and secure humanity’s future.


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Embark on an intense journey with PS5 Outriders. Immerse yourself in a dark and mysterious world, filled with powerful abilities and deadly enemies. Engage in thrilling gunplay, explore dynamic environments, and uncover the secrets of Enoch. Customize your character and unleash devastating powers. It’s time to embrace your destiny as an Outrider and survive the hostile planet with PS5 Outriders.

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