-Dive into the depths with PS5 Man Eater.

-Immerse yourself in a thrilling open-world RPG as a deadly shark.

-Explore the waters, devour prey, and evolve into a powerful apex predator.

-Engage in fierce battles against humans, wildlife, and other formidable creatures.

-Embrace the hunt and become the ultimate predator in PS5 Man Eater.

-It’s time to unleash your inner shark and rule the seas.


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Embark on a vicious underwater adventure with PS5 Man Eater. Immerse yourself in stunning visuals and thrilling gameplay as a fearsome shark. Explore the open waters, hunt for prey, and evolve into the ultimate predator. Confront dangerous foes, human or otherwise, and unleash havoc on the ecosystem. Embrace your inner apex predator in PS5 Man Eater. It’s time to dominate the seas and become the top of the food chain.

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